Monday, February 26, 2007

Blog entry 2

The job analysis and job materials assignment helped me analyze the job position easily based on my knowledge for the subject. However, I did not have any experience working with instrument and control systems. Therefore, I could not emphasize my advantages in the last resume. To be honest, that was my first resume, and I did not study well enough to fulfill it with awards and extra activities. I might have to spend more time to analyze the job deeper or to look for a better one that matches up with my ability. In addition to make my resume stand out from a thousand job seekers, I have to point out my unique characteristic for that job. Everybody wants to get hired so why I have to be ordinary with my resume in order to get the interview’s attention.

I just recently bought a new external Samsung LCD monitor for my laptop. The assembling process was easy to follow because the manual had pictures of every part and how I can put them together. In contrast, it took me more than an hour to install the driver along with the customized software. The quick guide was nothing interactive but a pdf file. I have to look for a particular folder and install everything manually after reading a lot of steps from the instructions. Moreover, they did not even mention that the monitor had to be on widescreen setup so I had to change the resolutions everytime I switched back and forth between my laptop and the new external monitor. It was not a good experience what so ever.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Why am I taking English 202?

As an international student, I always have trouble understanding and writing English in a proper way. Therefore, the main reason why I am taking English 202 is to improve my English. I also intend to get an internship next fall. Hopefully, I will know how to write a nice resume for that job at the end of this class.